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What is ZeduHow?

We are creating microcomputers based on RasberryPi motherboards equipped with a custom operating system, software, and machine learning to give equal access to education to low-income and underdeveloped areas in the world.

About Our Mission?

Our mission is to make learning and technology accessible, free and easily understandable so young people can start using it and help them to become not only users but contributors.

We are more than a tech startup. We are a tight online community of educators, developers, designers, machine learning enthusiast and social entrepreneurs with the goal is to become an open source tool and to work for the betterment of the future web and humanity.

Founded in 2017 by ZeduPlus Team, based on more than 7 years of research and learning, trials, we are now ready to create the tool for equal access to education..


Works Offline

Our application runs offline with all our videos, interactive courses, audio recordings.


Easy To Use

We designed our software to be easy to use and well designed.



Join our supportive community of educators, developers and designers ready to support.

ZeduHow Application

Our application has been hand crafted by our experienced team of educators, developers and designers.

Our application is desigtned to run on linux, windows, macos and chromebooks.

  • Runs on Linux, Windows, Chromebooks, Macos.

  • The application is filled with our curriculums.

  • Integrated With JollyCore AI


Volunteer your time to this awesome project even if your a developer, designer or even an educator.

You can volunteer code, resources or even help translating our resources and help us service thousands of students.

  • Developers, Designers, Educators

  • See Your Change Impact the World
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Partner With Us

Join the community help us serve the future.

Join a powerful partner program launch app features through ZeduHow Application Store.

  • Launch Your Application Into Our Application Store

  • Run Your Application On ZeduHow Computers.

  • Integrate Your App Into JollyCore AI
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JollyCore AI

JollyCore AI is a social AI for kids to assit them with their studies within our application.

Our social learning AI is designed to provide moral support, give rewards to the users.

JollyCore is designed to run within the application and integrated seamless within our courses and learning path.

  • JollyCore AI Built Into Our Course Seamless.

  • Supportive JollyCore AI designed within
    courses to provide student with studies

  • JollyCore AI Social Module.

Moral Support

JollyCore is designed to work with the student within the application and courses.
It monitors progress of the student and when the student gets stuck within the program JollyCore will give
motivation to the user.


Asstive Learning

JollyCore AI runs within course to guide and assign tasks to the user within application so the user will be challenged within their grade and never get bored.
User will also be provided with daily quizes, fun facts and more to keep the user active and learning.


Assistive Reading

JollyCore has text to speech abilities to assist users when reading, courses or within tests.
JollyCore is designed to assist the user with reading within every page of the application.




Patches Deployed




Teams & Volunteers

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Lead & JollyCore AI Developer
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Ms. Katy T.

Lead Educator & User Experience Researcher
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Mr. Peter B.W.

User Testing Facilitator

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Kenneth .